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"To promote, foster and broaden good relationships with current and future customers, creating value for our customers by providing solutions, products and services that meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders while maintaining or improving performance and reliability of our boilers and auxiliary equipment installed in Brazil and South America."

CBC Indústrias Pesadas S/A is always ready to offer differentiated, service to its clients, always by means of agility and quality.

We have a highly qualified After Sales and Service Sales team that provide analysis and solutions to the most varied types of problems.

We have a large portion of strategic stock of materials and parts, which minimizes the waiting time for new parts. 

We have listed the types of services we provide below:

After Sales, Technical Services Assistance

  1. Refitment and Upgrades of Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and other auxiliary equipment;
  2. Supply of parts and spare parts for equipment manufactured by CBC and third parties;
  3. Field Supervision, Operation and Training Services;
  4. Supervision services in annual scheduled stops;
  5. Qualified staff promptly ready to assist in emergency care in field supervision and supply of parts.
  6. Retrofit services of boilers, to improve performance, efficiency, and lower emissions, etc.
  7. Modernization work for boilers that have been in operation for more than 25 years.
  8. To design and do engineering design in the case of plant modernization such as, upgrades, retrofitting, operational performance and failure analysis.

Lifespan Analysis Boiler Inspection Services

    Through an unprecedented extensive support of MHPS, CBC brings innovation in boiler inspection to South America, in addition to the NR 13 inspections, “Lifespan Assessment” services can detect possible causes of leaks and recommend actions to be taken in order prevent unexpected boiler down-time. By planning the Remaining Lifespan analysis, it is possible to optimize the inspection points. Utilizing the data of the Lifespan inspection, it is possible to minimize critical points and prevent future problems.

Plant Maintenance Services

    Specialized team in the following activities:
  1. Technical assistance, advice and maintenance in boilers and auxiliary equipment.
  2. Service planning and coordination in scheduled and emergency shutdowns.

Provision of Miscellaneous Services

  1. Since we are equipped with the latest technology in equipment, we are able to offer a variety of boiler and machining services, such as: plasma cutting and oxygen cutting system with CNC control; hydraulic presses with 4 columns with a capacity of up to 6200 tons, able to form components of up to 300mm thick; rolling machines; CNC machines for the drilling of mirrors for heat exchangers; orbital welding machine for conducting welding tube on mirrors; furnaces for the relief of tension in equipment; tube polishing machines; etc.
  2. Engineering studies for improvements in boilers and process equipment, modernization of plants, structural calculations, among other services.
  3. Inspections by non-destructive tests, metallographic analysis, etc.
  4. MHPS / CBC has the technology, track record, knowledge and all the necessary resources to develop EPC contracts for Thermal Plants, Cogeneration and Combined Cycle with a high national content.

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