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A message from Kazumichi Makino, CEO of CBC

 mensagem presidente kazumichi machino diretor presidente da cbcCompliance is the conduct of activities by companies and their employees, observing legislation, regulations and ethics, and is therefore the main pillar of corporate governance. 

The frequent cases of corruption involving industry and politics are examples of violation of Compliance. Companies that have their names linked to cases of corruption, face difficulty in continuing business, causing immeasurable damage to the country's economy.

Compliance breach actions such as these can cause severe impacts on the conduct of CBC's business through penalties and fall of credibility.

I, Kazumichi Makino, as the representative of the CBC board, declare my commitment to act in accordance with laws, regulations and internal procedures. I will demand the same commitment of every CBC employee to conduct their activities adhering strictly to our Compliance rules.


Compliance program

For CBC, its reputation is an invaluable asset and of fundamental importance, it is to this means that we maintain a Compliance Program, which purpose is to help our company build a culture of Compliance, as well as assist in identifying violations of laws, regulatory standards, procedures and policies.

Its main function is to prevent the practice of infractions and to detect possible acts committed as soon as possible in order to block inappropriate situations, repression and the application of penalties in this manner minimizing the damage caused to those involved.

Read the: Compliance Policy


Code of conduct

For CBC Indústrias Pesadas S/A, integrity and justice are important pillars for the company's sustainable growth, therefore, a Code of Conduct has been established for all employees and business partners to follow to set out expected conduct for our business activities, as well as the principles and policies that we expect to be followed.

  • Mhi Group Global Scm Guideline Fair



Business Partners

CBC creates and maintains fair, transparent relationships with its partners so that we can develop fair business practices and avoid unfair occurrences and losses that could come to the fore in the purchasing activity.

  • All our suppliers and potential suppliers will be treated fairly and will have equal competitive opportunities in business. When we procure products and services in the market, we evaluate potential suppliers according to our standard criteria, the following points are evaluated, quality, cost, turnaround time, safety, environmental impact, compliance, R & D capability and stability. In return, we expect all our suppliers to keep up our compliance values and adhere to requrements.

  • CBC employees and collaborators are prohibited to receive, solicit, or ofter any invitation, gift or souvenir that, by its customary characteristics or circumstances, may be interpreted by an observer as being intended to affect the recipient's unbiased judgment. However, employees may receive and offer promotional items with no commercial value, such as: pencil, pen, notebook, calendar and other office supplies, which contain the company's logo or name.

  • Money or other financial benefits are considered strictly inadequate gifts and therefore, our employees are not allowed to receive or offer these.

compromisso com o justo
  • Read the: Gifts, gratuites and influences Policy
  • Read the: General Conditions to Supply our Competitor Policy
  • Read the: General Conditions for Service Providers

Ombudsman channel

The "Ombudsman" channel was created by CBC for the purpose of receiving complaints, comments and suggestions. Its main objective is to obtain information and denunciations of possible acts against the public administration by any person within its operations, whether it be employees, managers, or any of its service providers and suppliers.

CBC believes that this process of effective stimulation, capturing and investigating complaints strengthens the organization's ethical culture and strengthens the Compliance environment.  It therefore provides this channel to capture complaints of acts committed by CBC, its employees, partners and service providers, to investigate irregularities and identify fraud and misconduct according to internal policies, regulatory norms and legislation.

CBC does not tolerate any violation of its Compliance Policy, so it is guaranteed that your report shall be treated in a confidential manner, so that the facts can be analyzed, evidence be collected and corrective actions be taken. Therefore, all the details of the report should be mentioned, since they will be important for possible analysis and subsequent decision making by CBC. All reports will be investigated, so it is necessary that all the information you report is true.

No employee, service provider or partner is authorized to engage in any conduct on behalf of CBC that violates the laws, regulations, Compliance Policy or our Code of Conduct. Should you be aware of facts or occurrences that are not in accordance with our Compliance Program, we ask that you report them through the communication channels mentioned below:

Talk to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (11) 4431 3820.


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CSR Action Guidelines

CBCSA strives to move the world toward a more secure future. Through our technology, our business practices and our people, we:

Care for the planet

  • We are eco-conscious, and engineer environmentally-friendly technologies that improve sustainability and protect the Earth.

Create a more harmonious society

  • We embrace integrity and proactive participation to solve societal challenges.

Inspire the future

  • We cultivate global talent who share a vision and desire to move the world forward for generations to come.

Specific Guidelines

Our dedication to achieving positive and sustainable social impact drives our daily actions.

Care for the planet

  • Through our technologies, we are promoting increased access to energy while also addressing environmental challenges.
  • Through a high level of environmental awareness, we are reducing the environmental impact of our business.

Create a more harmonious society

  • Through our safe, high-quality products, we are staying one step ahead of the needs of customers and society.
  • In every action, we are guided by a commitment to integrity, transparency, and respect for social norms.
  • Through our operations across the world, we are dedicated to the development of a global society where local communities thrive.

Inspire the future

  • Through our working environments, we are building a culture of creativity, community and pride.
  • Through our business operations and technologies, we drive innovation that will inspire the hopes and dreams of future generations in ways that move the world forward.