CBC Indústrias Pesadas S/A Website Terms and Conditions of use

 CBC invites you to visit its website. Terms and Conditions of the website are described bellow. CBC considers that when you use it, you are on agreement with these terms and conditions.

 1. Use of information

The user is authorized to unload, to show or to print information contained in this site only for private use and without commercial purposes.

 2. Update of Information

CBC compromises to mantain information and materials contained in this website accurate, update and complete as possible. However, CBC does not assume any responsibility for the use, application or processing which the user can give to the mentioned information. CBC will not be responsable for any decision or adopted measure based on information contained in this website, nor for arising damages. As information contained in this website can  be update or changed at any time and without prior notice, it shall not be considered as definitive.

 3. Visitors privacy

CBC respects the privacy of personal information of the visitors of its website, individual ou legal entity,  it has as policy not to sell, to distribute or to supply these information to third parties with purpose of marketing or another end not approved for its owners. When you visit our website, our servers store information which are used for statistical ends.

 4. User

The user will be responsabilized for losses and damages of any nature which CBC shall suffer in consequence of noncompliance of any of the obligations of  these terms and conditions which the user is submitted.

 5. Use of the website and its “links”

CBC, under no circunstances, shall be responsible for the improper use of its website or access to indicated “links”, as well as for any act  based on  information gotten through these “links”.CBC shall also not be responsible for the contents or for the privacy policy/ practices of sites which indicates our website or websites which were accessed through “links” contained here.

 6. Exclusions of Warranties and Responsibilities

CBC does not control the existence of virus nor of other elements in the contents that can produce alteration in the  computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored by the user. CBC has no  responsibility for losses and damages, of all nature, which can be attribute to the presence of virus or other elements in the contents that can produce alterations in the computer system, electronic or registered documents of the users.

7. Copyright and Intellectual property

This website contains texts, photographs and images which is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. This right belongs to CBC Industrias Pesadas S/A, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. or its  affiliated companies or it had been consented by its rightholders under specific license, in such a way that CBC Industrias Pesadas S/A can use this material as part of this website.

All the enclosed trademarks in this website are property of CBC Industrias Pesadas S.A., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., or its affiliated or had been consented under license or authorizated by its rightholders for its use in this website.

The reproduction of the contents previously described is forbidden, excepted for prior written authorization of CBC Industrias Pesadas S.A, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., or its affiliated  rightholders.

 8. Modifications of these Terms and Conditions

CBC reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally and without prior notice. these Terms and Conditions of Use. By navegating this website means that  the  interested party unequivocally agree with all the Terms and Conditions which is effective in the date, therefore the user have to verify them previously  at each access.

 9. Doubts

In case of any doubt about this document, please contact us by sending  an e-mail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 10. Governing law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the legal and regulatory rules of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The users of this website shall be submitted to the Judicial District Court of Jundiai-SP, with express renunciation to any other one, the most privileged it might be.