CBC Indústrias Pesadas S/A website Privacy Policy

CBC Privacy Policy aims to show the commitment with information security and privacy which interact with the users. The users can visit this website and see the products that CBC offers, get information and news, without supplying personal information. If you supply some information, this policy clarifies how CBC collects and treats its individual information. It is recommended to verify this policy periodically, which are subject to change without prior notice.

  1. Any information which the users shall pass to this site and has to be collected, will be kept in accordance to strict security and confidential standards adopted by CBC.
  2. Personal information which shall be passed to CBC by the users and collected through this site, will be ethically and legally treated.
  3. In case of information collection through this site, the users will be previously noticed which personal information will be requested, thus the option to supply or not these information will be the user own responsibility.
  4. Unless a legal or judicial order is issued, information provided by users shall never be disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it had been collected.
  5. The access to the collected information is restricted to authorized employees for proper handling. Disciplinary action may be taken against any employee who used these information improperly, which violates the Privacy Policy.
  6. In case CBC collect information from users, CBC shall keep the integrity of the supplied information.
  7. This website contains “links” or “frames” of other sites, that can be or not partners of CBC. These “links” and “frames” are only disposal to provide a plus benefit for the users. It is worth to point that the inclusion of these “links” and “frames” do not mean that CBC has knowledge, agree, or is responsible for them or for its respective contents. Therefore, CBC shall not be liable for any eventual losses or damages suffered in reason of related use of “links” or “frames”.
  8. Whenever other organizations shall be contracted to provide support services, it shall be required to adequate to CBC Privacy Policy.
  9. Other important information about the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website are available in this website.