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The history of CBC S.A.

CBC Indústrias Pesadas S.A., originally known as "Companhia Brasileira de Caldeiras" and "Companhia Brasileira de Caldeiras e Equipamentos Pesados", respectively, was founded in September 1955 in the Southern part of Minas Gerais in a town called Varginha with the collaboration of the German group Von Thyssen. 

In 1963, the MITSUBISHI group of Japan, comprising of: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, acquired the majority shares in the company.

In 1976 the new plant in Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo was inaugurated. This clearly demonstrated the evident interest from the largest Japanese industrial movement in the development of this base industry in Brazil, by transfer of technology and manufacturing know-how, which was developed and perfected by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over more than 140 years of its existence.

Time line of events:

  • 1955
    The company “Companhia Brasileira de Caldeiras” was founded (by the German group Von Thyssen)
  • 1963
    The MITSUBISHI group (MHI, MELCO, MC) acquired the company.
  • 1974
    Construction of the new plant in Jundiaí – SP was started (initially with an area of 40.000 m²)
  • 1975
    Change of company name to CBC Indústrias Pesadas S.A.
  • 1976
    The inauguration of the plant in Jundiaí – SP (The largest boiler plant in South America).
  • 1991
    All activities at the plant in Varginha – MG were ceased and transferred to Jundiaí – SP.
  • 2018


    (currently with a built area of 69,860 m²)

CBC S.A. – Jundiaí SP Unit

CBC’s only unit is situated in the municipality of Jundiaí – SP.
Headquarters, Plant, Administration, Commercial Division and Engineering Department.

Postal Code: 13212-240 Jundiaí – SP – Brazil
Tel. (55-11) 4431-3900 PABX
Fax (55-11) 4525-2233