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Biomass Boiler (grate-type)

CBC has extensive experience in the manufacturing of high thermal efficiency water tube boilers for the combustion of biomass.

Other types of fuels whether it be solid, liquid or gaseous may also be burned in the biomass boiler if they were also included in the design of the project. Depending on the type of the fuel and its characteristics a suitable grid is selected for the purpose of burning. 

The CBC biomass boiler is a vertical unit, with pressurized furnace or balanced draft, to be erected on site.

The use of the boiler steam can be part of the process or for electric power generation.

  • Evaporation: available capacity up to 500 t/h
  • Design steam pressure: up to 120 kg/cm²g
  • Steam temperature: saturated of superheated up to 540 °C
  • Installation: external