Vertical of cylindrical vessel used in chemical and petrochemical processes to increase the degree of separation of liquid mixtures by distillation, extraction or absorption.

A piece of equipment in which heat exchange takes place between two fluids at different temperatures. Existing fluids may have corrosive, toxic, lethal or non-lethal characteristics, which is one of the determining factors in the selection of construction materials

This is the generic name given to any vessel that operates under pressure, internal and / or external, its main purpose being storage of fluids, separating fluids with different characteristics and many other purposes inherent to each process of the industry, whether it be in the chemical, petrochemical, food stuffs or any other industry.

The Process Reactor is a piece of equipment which has a catalyst or other internal elements in which chemical reactions take place and are processed. The measurements vary according to the required capacity and design conditions established for the process reactor. It is generally manufactured with materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.