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Pressure Vessels

This is the generic name given to any vessel that operates under pressure, internal and / or external, its main purpose being storage of fluids, separating fluids with different characteristics and many other purposes inherent to each process of the industry, whether it be in the chemical, petrochemical, food stuffs or any other industry.

CBC has extensive experience in the manufacture of pressure vessels in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or other special materials.


Size and measurements are variable according to the required capacity and the established design, these can range from a tubular shell/hull 6 inches in diameter and a thickness of 4mm, up to 18 meters in diameter and a thickness of 140 mm or more.


General Fluid Storage.

Vaso De Pressao Petrobras
Vaso De Pressao Vaso 1
Vaso De Pressao Vaso 2
Vaso De Pressao Vaso 3
Vaso De Pressao Vaso Asme Stamp