Water tube Boiler with a pressurized furnace for fuel oil, natural gas and other types of gases. A compact unit pre-assembled at the plant, reducing labor and assembly time.

Water tube Boiler with natural circulation, either horizontal of vertical, for the recovery of heat from exhaust gases exiting gas turbines, allowing additional combustion. It is used in electric power generation in combined cycle systems.

CBC has extensive experience in the manufacturing of high thermal efficiency water tube boilers for the combustion of biomass.

These Boilers are used in the Pulp and Paper industries for the burning of black liquor and recovery of Sodium (Na), this is achieved through steam production utilized for electric power generation.

The BFB (Bubbling Fluidized Bed) type biomass boiler is widely used and accepted as a superior technology to conventional grate boilers for many industrial applications.

Water tube boiler, a vertical unit with a pressurized furnace or balanced draft for the burning of various types of fuels (oil, natural gas, waste gas, process gas, etc.). It is utilized in the supply of steam for the process and for electrical power generation.