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Chemical Recovery Boiler

These Boilers are used in the Pulp and Paper industries for the burning of black liquor and recovery of Sodium (Na), this is achieved through steam production utilized for electric power generation.

The pulp and paper industry consumes a high volume of energy in the form of electricity and steam, and rising energy costs and increasing environmental problems have made it essential to exploit the amount of heat contained in black liquor, a byproduct of the cellulose. For efficient energy recovery, boilers must be capable of higher vapor pressure and temperature, high capacities, long-term continuous operation and minimizing the emission of pollutants.

CBC in conjunction with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd (MHPS) of Japan, designs and manufactures high-efficiency, high-efficiency chemical recovery boilers nationally through constant technological innovation.

  • Capacity (available in operation): 7000 tds/d
  • Evaporation: (available in operation) 1200 t/h
  • Design steam pressure: up to 120 kg/cm²g
  • Steam temperature: saturated of superheated up to 520 °C
  • Installation: external