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BFB Biomass Boiler (Bubbling Fluidized Bed)

The BFB (Bubbling Fluidized Bed) type biomass boiler is widely used and accepted as a superior technology to conventional grate boilers for many industrial applications.

The BFB boiler has been used primarily by the pulp and paper industries to burn wood and sludge residues, as well as peat and other low heat fuels. BFB technology offers an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution to burn low heat, high moisture, high ash residue fuel for power generation and environmental protection.

The BFB boiler enables the use of oil and gas as starter fuels and complements up to the full load of the boiler.

The main advantages of this type of boiler, are the following: flexibility of the fuels to be used, readily available, high efficiency, sensitive to load changes, low operating costs, low emissions, process control and suitable for retrofits.

  • Evaporation: available capacity up to 400 t/h
  • Design steam pressure: up to 120 kg/cm²g
  • Steam temperature: saturated of superheated up to 540 °C
  • Installation: external