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Process Reactor

The Process Reactor is a piece of equipment which has a catalyst or other internal elements in which chemical reactions take place and are processed. The measurements vary according to the required capacity and design conditions established for the process reactor. It is generally manufactured with materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.

CBC was pioneer in Brazil in the manufacture of Ethylene Oxide Reactors, Manic Anhydride (Man Reactor) and Oxo-Primary (Oxo-Primary) reactors, large equipment manufactured up to date contained up to 12000 tubes, a temperature of 700ºC and a total weight of 325 tons.

CBC has vast experience and capability in the manufacture of reactors of various types and for varied processes, such as; hydrodesulphurization (HDS), UGH, among others, all manufactured to the strictest quality standards.


Process Reactors are used in general process plants.

Reator De Processo PQU
Reator De Processo Oleo Quimica 26
Reator De Processo Oxiteno
Reator De Processo Reator Lwart